Channel Tunnel


Channel Tunnel Car Trains

If you are taking your car from England to France, the Channel Tunnel offers the fastest crossing available. It takes just 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais, compared to around 90 minutes for the ferry from Dover to Calais. To use the Channel Tunnel with your car, you will need to board one of the Channel Tunnel car trains. These trains are operated by Eurotunnel. Boarding is quick and easy, and once on board the car train, you can get out and stretch your legs, use the toilet, or just sit back in your car and relax for half an hour until you reach the other side.

You can buy Eurotunnel tickets from various travel operators, many of whom have some great deals available.

Eurotunnel or Eurostar?

The Channel Tunnel operators seem to have lots of us confused as to what they offer and which operator we need. To put it simply:

Eurotunnel = Car

Eurotunnel operate the car trains. If you are travelling by car, you need to book a Eurotunnel. There are various travel operators who offer some great deals on Eurotunnel fares. The Eurotunnel car trains travel from Folkestone to Calais almost 24 hours a day.

Eurostar = Passenger

Eurostar operate the passenger service, not cars. The Eurostar trains run from the magnificent St Pancras international station in London (see the photos below), to the centre of Paris or Brussels. You can also catch a Eurostar train from Ebbsfleet or Ashford in Kent.

Channel Tunnel Operators

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